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How it Works

My goal is to make it affordable to get quality photos in multiple games throughout the season. That is why I have updated and simplified my pricing model. The first time I photograph a game for your team, the cost is $10 per team member. For each additional game, the cost is $5 per team member.

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Price includes an optional team photo, taken before or after the game. Let me know if that is something you would like to do. 

Also included in the fee are free downloads of web-quality images from your game, so you can share the action with friends and family on social media. High resolution downloads, prints, and photo gifts are available for additional purchase.

End of season gifts

Looking for a unique keepsake for your player or coach? I offer custom trading cards, posters, and photo books, all great ways to commemorate another excellent season!

What if someone on the team doesn't want photos?

That's okay. You can let me know before the game, and I will only charge for the number of people participating. 

My child isn't the most active out on the field/court. Should I bother paying for action photos?

I have been on the sidelines at a lot of games, and it's been my experience that there are always moments to capture. If your child is out there having fun, that enjoyment of the game will shine through, even if they aren't scoring the most points.

I have more questions.

Send me an email, and I'd be happy to answer them!

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